Month: February 2015

Is it true, you shouldn’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking coffee?

Brushing teeth after coffee

Yes, it is true. However, the problem is not with the coffee itself. It is the milk and sugar in the coffee which can be metabolised by bacteria in your mouth into acid.The acid causes the outside layer of enamel (hard white material on the…

The First Toothbrush?

Current thinking is that the first people to use a toothbrush were the Hindus of India, who used the end of a fresh twig, which was frayed in to fibers, in 4000 B.C. The first toothbrush, as we know it today, was invented in…

Can tooth whitening damage tooth enamel?

Teeth Whitening

Is it suitable if teeth have already received white fillings? Tooth whitening treatments, if performed according to manufacturer’s instructions, do not appear to cause any long lasting damage to tooth enamel. The main side effect of using bleaching agents is tooth sensitivity, which eases…

Summertime and Sports Drinks Can Take a Toll on Teeth

Decare - Summertime and Sports Drinks Can Take a Toll on Teeth

People who are just trying to stay cool during the summer months or are active in summer sports are consuming lemonade and sports drinks at a considerable rate. High energy sports drinks are often used to rehydrate after exercising. Recent studies have found that…

Women’s Oral Health – Factors to Keep Your Smile Healthy for Life

Can women’s oral health be affected by the changes in hormone levels? We all know that women’s bodies can require special care. Hormone fluctuations not only affect a woman’s overall health, but can also affect oral health, making it more important than ever to…

Piercing: A Fad With Real Risks to Dental Health

Piercing: A Fad With Real Risks to Dental Health

Don’t be tongue-tied if you think you want it pierced. Ask questions and know the risks before you (or your child) venture out for any form of oral piercing. Tongue, cheek and lip piercing may not be as cool — or as safe —…

Dental visits while you are pregnant

Dental experts recommend visiting a dentist for a checkup if you are planning to become pregnant or as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Your dentist can assess your oral health and determine how frequently you need to be seen during your pregnancy in…

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