The bottom of my top two teeth seem to be becoming see-through. Is there anything I can do?

Dental Erosion

You may have dental erosion (tooth surface loss TSL). If so, this condition should be carefully monitored by your dentist. The first and most important consideration is to get an accurate diagnosis and recording of the extent of the condition. The next consideration is to accurately identify the probable cause so that remedial action can be taken immediately to prevent or minimise any further tooth surface loss (TSL). The following have been identified as causative factors either on their own or in combination; citrus fruits eaten more than twice a day, daily consumption of soft drinks, regular consumption of sports drinks. The risk of TSL is also high in individuals who have gastric symptoms or who have vomiting associated with bulimia or who have reduced salivary flow associated with certain medications. Until causative factors have been identified and modified, all other attempts at controlling or treating this condition are likely to end in failure. A variety of products have been developed by the dental industry in recent years to assist with a reduction in symptoms and in the remineralisation of teeth affected by tooth surface loss. The use of these products is helpful but is of secondary importance to an accurate diagnosis and elimination of the causative factors associated with tooth surface loss. Make an early appointment and discuss with your dentist.

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