Month: July 2015

Dental Emergencies

Dentist opening hours

Knocks and Tumbles are part of childhood and can result in damage to teeth…

How to brush your teeth correctly


A short video on how to brush your teeth. The purpose of this brushing technique is to remove or disturb plaque at the gum margin preventing it from releasing harmful toxins into the gums causing the gums to become red, swollen, and to bleed.

My wisdom teeth are all fully erupted I heard it is advisable to have them extracted? Is this true?

Wisdom teeth

This will depend on the clinical circumstances which are unique to each individual. Your dentist will advise specifically for you. If your 4 wisdom teeth are fully erupted into good positions and your oral hygiene is good around these teeth you may be advised…

Sport a Smile While You Run for Cancer Care West

Sport a Smile

If you are looking for a new challenge, want to support a great cause or just want a day out with family and friends, then here’s a date for your diary. DeCare Dental’s annual Sport a Smile 5 mile fun run/walk takes place this…