Month: September 2015

World Heart Day September 29th 2015

We are proud to support World Heart Day which takes place on September 29th this year. This year’s Irish Heart Foundation’s campaign theme is ‘It’s a red alert, women and heart disease’, will create awareness of a woman’s risk of getting cardiovascular disease and the…

Raising Oral Health Awareness at LinkedIn’s Health & Wellbeing Day 2015

DeCare Dental Oral Health Display

LinkedIn’s Health and Wellbeing Day was very well received by staff members and the content and programs provided by the company were excellent, including DeCare’s oral health programs. As part of our commitment to improving the oral health of our members and raising greater…

Mouth Cancer Awareness day 16th September 2015

Today Wednesday September 16th has been designated as Mouth Cancer Awareness Day in Ireland. Members of the public are reminded not to forget their annual dental examination with their dentist which includes a mouth cancer examination. DeCare’s onsite oral health team are onsite at…

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