Month: July 2016

Dental Turbulence ahead for High Fliers

Dental Turbulence

Air Cabin Crew including pilots, flight attendants as well as frequent fliers should all consider investing more in their oral health to ensure more pain free flight hours.

Teeth by Numbers


Have you ever noticed when your dentist or hygienist examines your teeth that a lot of numbers seem to fly around? That’s because Dentists use a variety of numbering systems to identify teeth in our mouth.

Adult Teeth Explained

Adult Teeth Explained

Our second set of permanent teeth are often referred to as adult teeth and usually being to appear when a child is six to seven years of age. At five to twelve years of age the maxillary arch and the mandibular arch enlarge and grow.

Baby Teeth Explained

Baby Teeth Explained

Every individual develops two sets of teeth during the first 21 years of life. The first set begins to appear at approximately six months of age and are called primary teeth.

Get to know your Teeth

Get to know your Teeth

We use them every day to bite, chew and eat. They brighten up our smiles and add definition to our faces. But when it comes to the crunch, how much do we actually know about our teeth?