Tips for choosing a child’s toothbrush

Tips for choosing a child's toothbrush

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Why not make tooth-brushing time a fun time. There are so many brands of toothbrush available in many different colours, shapes and sizes; some even have musical timers to ensure correct length of brushing time. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:Baby In Bath

  • Choose a child size toothbrush with soft, round-tipped, nylon bristles. Stiff or sharp bristles can injure gums and wear down tooth enamel.
  • Choose a size and a shape that is comfortable and lets your child reach every surface of every tooth. A small compact head is best.
  • Replace your childʼs toothbrush when the bristles look bent or worn, usually every two to three months or more frequently if your child wears the bristles more quickly.
  • Bring your child with you and help them select their own tooth-brush. A brightly coloured ʻfunʼ toothbrush may encourage your child to brush.
  • Electric tooth-brushes are becoming very popular with children and are very effective. Ask your dentist for advice about choosing the correct one.

Mother Teaching Child Teeth Brushing

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