DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland opened its offices in September 1999 with the appointment of 18 staff. Almost 20 years on – 125 people are today employed at its Irish headquarters in Claremorris – making it one of the business success stories of the west. The company has continued to evolve and revolutionise where it currently serves over 10 million members in the USA and Ireland. Through job creation, reinvention and progressive thinking DeCare Dental has become an established organisation in its region making a positive contribution to the community, local economy and beyond.

Michael Walsh was the founder of DeCare Dental Ireland. The Claremorris native and former Mayo GAA player was instrumental in developing the company in his homeland. Through his vision and graft, he set the solid foundations on which the organisation is built on today. Michael emigrated to the USA in the 1960s where he forged a successful career for himself in the dental insurance sector, making DeCare Dental one of the fastest growing dental benefit management companies in America.

It was through Michael’s ambition to leave a legacy in his native land that DeCare Dental Ireland was founded. Michael Walsh retired a few years ago but maintains a heartfelt interest in the progress of the organisation in his hometown. During the formation of the company Michael’s daughter, Maureen Walsh moved from Boston to Claremorris to lead operations in Ireland. Nearly 20 years have passed and there has been tremendous progress in Claremorris and the West of Ireland.

The company strives to empower people to improve their oral and general oral health over a lifetime. It is the pursuit of this mission backed by an exceptional team that has enabled the business to develop.

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