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What is your advice regarding breastfeeding and having dental work done involving amalgam silver fillings?


The scientific advice regarding silver amalgam fillings is that they are perfectly safe and offer many advantages over other types of fillings because of their lower cost, easy placement and durability. However, as in all things in life, it is wise to use precautions…

My two year old daughter drinks a lot of orange squash. Will this damage her teeth?

Juice drinks damage teeth

Try to wean her off this as soon as you can and replace it with ordinary tap water. The orange squash is potentially harmful in two respects. It is usually heavily sweetened, so bacteria in plaque can metabolise acid and over time infiltrate the…

I suffer from a recurring mouth ulcer on the tip of my tongue which generally lasts approximately two weeks. Is this normal?


A recurring mouth ulcer should always be followed up and investigated further, initially by your own dentist and sometimes by your own doctor and if necessary by an expert in oral medicine. A reassuring aspect of your ulcer is that it appears to heal;…